• Are you being who you are?
  • Are you doing what you want?
  • Are you surrounding yourself with people you want to be with?
  • Does what you do flow from deep inside and fulfills you?
  • Do you get up every day feeling awesome gratitude for your life and ready for miracles?
I used to live my life on automatic. Just trying to get through each day, hoping that somehow I could reach the life I really wanted. One day. But, when and how could I get there?

After much searching, learning and practicing I found a way and created a brand new life for myself. A life full of joy, fun, abundance, fulfulllment, laughter.

I can show you how to get the life your want.

The life :
  • With abundance that just keeps coming
  • Where you love what you do and can't wait to start your day
  • With fulfilling, healthy relationships
  • That you create yourself with the tools I give you
Are you ready for that life? 

The one your heart is longing for and has longed for since you can remember?

If you're ready, let me show you how to step into YOU, the amazing person you are. How to draw out the gifts you have that will spill over and touch not only your life, but the life of all those around you.

DARE to be Authentic

Dare to be the only YOU that you can be.
Take the first step NOW and DARE to schedule a session that will begin your journey to YOU. To the wonders inside of you which are ready to emerge and change your world and that of others.

DARE to be Authentic and manifest what's perfect for YOU
Your unique wonderous life!

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"Finding Mari's information online was a result of my needing an individual to provide me with the necessary tools to navigate through my then-wayward life. Mari's support and guidance enabled her to function as the cartographer to my lost explorer and she succeeded in pointing me in a direction that has not only yielded me success, but has gifted me with a new outlook on life that I know will prove beneficial for me going forward. I unequivocally recommend Mari's services to anyone and everyone who seeks her guidance." Jason T.

"I decided to call Mari when I was feeling unfulfilled, unhappy, and unable to literally get off the couch. I was afraid of falling into a depression that I had experienced a decade ago. Mari changed my life in our first session. She identified that I was already in a depression and outlined concrete steps to follow, to strengthen my spirit. Through her guidance of journaling and meditation, I have manifested miracles in my life in only three weeks. I have created a new job for myself and my husband, reconnected with my authentic self, reconnected with old friends, and feel more fulfilled and stronger than ever before. Thank you, Mari!" - Sue H.  

"I found myself in many troubles, I had prayed for help to find someone to understand my condition. I decided to call Mari. One of the key words that I receive from her was:  Be kind to yourself   J.C.